Marco Marrosu mostra i cartelli da posizionare nella segnaletica del Parco dei Sette Fratelli, Sardegna

Hiking trails: collaboration with the vocational training system of the Region of Sardinia

Teacher in Techniques of hiking trails Design in a Higher Education Course in Sardinia Region?
… or at least, almost done!
In fact, the course for Designers of natural itineraries has begun in mid-November 2016 but it will end a bit later than expected.
There are so many things to teach to students, all already graduates and motivated, and it is good to see that the Sardinia Region focus on training in this specific field where you can easily find many people without a real preparation and totally improvised.
Collaboration with the Regional Agency
Forestas is special and we often put into practice the notions learned in class!
The obtained qualification allows people to have an extra point on their CV and put them in a higher position to those that have never taken the time to follow a proper training course and achieve a recognized Certification. .
Certainly, this is a clear invitation to Municipalities and Entities to “do the right thing” by entrusting those who will also be able to assist technical offices and suggest the right solutions according to laws.

You can find official article published on Sardegna Foreste 

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