Under Griffon Wings

I really like “Under Griffon Wings”. The Life project, funded by the European Community under the new Environment and Climate Action Program (Life 2014-2020), aims to improve the conservation status of the Griffon in Sardinia. The project includes, among other things, the establishment of controlled rabble of carcasses and the introduction of 60 specimens in the areas where reproductions are still taking place, which are the peaks on the sea of ​​Capo Caccia (Alghero) and the coast of Bosa. Both of these areas are part of the European Naturaa 2000 network dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity (SCIs, SPAs). I still remember how in Crete and Spain, the griffons are numerous and help to make the place particularly attractive. Seeing them flying around is an incredible sight, and attracts an incredible number of Nature enthusiasts and give back to the territory its primordial and genuine features.

Unfortunately, in this corner of Sardinia the number of griffons has decreased to 130 specimens, which is a real critical level for the proper conservation of this specie. The Sardinian population of Griffons is the only natural colony in Italy, which makes it extremely important also from a genetic point of view.
Breeding has always been the most delicate moment for the avifauna, and this is why Griffons decide to build their nests on rock walls, which are the most difficult places to reach by potential predators. The breeding season and the upbringing of the little one, which will be born from a single egg, take place from December/January until the summer. In case of disturbance from human beings, the couple can abandon the nest and the little one…

There are several regional, national and international laws to protect this species and the establishment of parks, SCIs and SPAs is done taking into consideration the list of these species and habitats of Community interest. The establishment of these areas are also a clear signal for the European Community of the intention to protect Nature and the possible exploitation of its resources. The idea is to enhance these areas through people and communities awareness allowing endangered species to live undisturbed in their environment.
I strongly believe that the current priority should be for the species to feel safe and undisturbed, rather than prioritizing and focusing on sanctions and strict laws for the protection of birds of prey. For example, in Canada they said with pride, “We live in the land of bears”. We hope that in Sardinia we will be able to say as well with the same pride, “We live in the land of the griffons”.

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