4/6   TOURISM AND OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES                                                                  

  • Regulatory Plans on nature-based tourism and Outdoor Recreational Activities taking place in Environment Protected Areas (backpacking, kayaking, canyoning, caving, climbing, hiking etc.)
  • Management plans of outdoor tourist activities, pastures and protected areas (e.g. Special Protection Areas, Sites of Community Importance, Special Areas of Conservation, caves, parks)
  • Regulatory plans for mountaineering activities based on art. 24 of the PPR, Sardinia Region
  • Planning of Environmental Pathways
  • Training and evening Ddiscussions and/or Ppresentations e serate a tema( e.g. “How to promote the Environment through Outdoor Recreational Activities”, “Hiking in Sardinia”, “Greenland Experience: Arctic Circle Trail”)
  • Texts, publications and articles